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Escape from the world in your own backyard paradise!

With a custom built inground pool by Wind Surf & Sail Pools, not only can your dreams become a reality, your backyard can be transformed into your own personal vacation retreat. Start your dreams by calling us today for your free quote!

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By choosing an inground vinyl-liner swimming pool, the design options, style, and distinction are truly endless. As a family owned and operated company since 1981, Wind, Surf and Sail Pools has dominated the industry in reputable design and functionality. Whether your family is looking for a minimal, modern landscape or a softer, more natural look, the freedom of a vinyl liner inground pool allows for all styles, shapes, and preferences. Our pools are customized and designed specifically for you and your family, no matter how simple or complex the design.

We offer over 150 choices of virgin vinyl liner patterns. Our pools are constructed with top-tier, industrial-quality, American-made steel walls complete with a 30-year transferable warranty. We use top-tier equipment with extended warranties specific to our business to ensure your backyard oasis not only begins stress-free, but remains that way. We also warranty your underground plumbing for life if we winterize your pool every year.

We are a defined, detail-oriented builder. Enjoy choosing the design and layout of your project, and leave the rest to us. We offer complimentary quotes and at-home template placement to begin the process. From there, we handle everything start to finish for the project including permits, excavation, construction, plumbing, equipment installation, electrical and gas work, cement, and thoroughly educate you and your family once your pool is complete.