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They'll handle the maintenance for you.

Say goodbye to grueling above ground pool cleaning sessions in the sweltering summer heat. Say hello to our above ground suction and robotic cleaners. They’ll handle the maintenance for you!

Our above ground cleaners will eliminate frustrating manual pool maintenance from your summer schedule. We offer both suction-side and robotic options, all of which are economical and energy efficient. You can even name your cleaner buddy — just ask Penny the Penguin or Diver Dave! 

Active 10

The robotic unit has floor scrubbing capabilities and is fully automated for easy use.

Polaris 7240

A compact robotic cleaner that effortlessly gets the job done. 

Hayward Characters

Simple and effective suction cleaners with four characters to choose from. 

Hayward Aquavac 250LI

A cordless, battery operated, and hassle-free option.