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Automatic Inground Pool Cleaners

An automatic inground pool cleaner is an essential investment for both new and existing pool owners. Our unique array of robotic cleaners promises convenient, hassle-free pool maintenance. They are economical, energy efficient, and Wi-Fi compatible.

Our manufacturers offer limited warranties with each purchased unit!

Automatic Inground Pool Cleaners

Active 30
A robotic cleaner that will handle the weekly maintenance for you.

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AlphaIQ and AlphaIQ+
Wi-Fi compatible cleaners that offer light shows, spot clean, and an easy lift system.  

Hayward AquaVac 600
Effortless cleanup designed for any pool surface. 

Polaris Epic 8520
A compact robotic cleaner that provides floor, wall, and waterline scrubbing. 
Polaris Epic 8640
An easy lift system unit with enhanced debris collection. 
Maytronics Active 60
This unit offers a clever clean mode and dual action scrubbing.