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Select Your Above Ground Pool Liner

Above ground pool liners come as either Overlap, Beaded or Unibead. They are interchangeable on all above ground pools. With so many options, which one is the best? One of the main difference is that a Beaded pool liner requires you to purchase a bead receiver track. An overlap liner does not require the track and is clamped down. The upside to a Beaded or Unibead liner is that you can purchase a liner with a decorative pattern along the top of the liner. These types of liners are evenly distributed around the pool, not pulled too far one way or another. An Overlap liner can sometimes look uneven because it is just pulled tight.

The more versatile and easiest to use is a Unibead liner. It can be used as a J-Hook style or as a standard Beaded liner. This is accomplished in a matter of minutes by location where the seems meet on the liner, using a utility knife to cut along the seam between the standard bead and the J-hook bead. Once you’ve cut the bead are you simply pull the cut seems between the two beads and completely remove the J-hook liner bead.